iPhone 5 to resemble iPod touch?

iPhone 5 to resemble iPod touch?The iPhone 5 will look more like the iPod touch than the iPhone 4. That’s according to sources of thisismynext.com, who’ve gone ahead and created a mock-up of the next iPhone based on what they’ve heard to date.

The mock-up mightn’t become the actual iPhone 5, but they’re fairly certain it’s at least one of the designs currently in testing. They reckon it’ll have a teardrop design, starting off thick at the top and becoming thinner towards the bottom.

As we’ve heard before, they expect the display to dominate the front of the iPhone 5. The proposed screen would measure 3.7in, but with the same resolution as the iPhone 4, that’d lower the dpi a little.

The home button in the mock-up is larger than what we’re used to, in order to double as a gesture area. Gesturing is widely believed to be coming in a future version of iOS.

Interesting stuff. If the iPhone 5 is really pushed back till September, that gives the rumour mill another 4-5 months to speculate its butt off.

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blizzard7  Apr. 24, 2011 at 11:17

I hope for Apple's sake it's not made from that easy to scratch metal back of the touch. I'm also surprised they're not going for 4 inches. I am yet to see a website say 4 inches isn't the perfect display size for a phone.

JanSt / MOD  Apr. 24, 2011 at 13:57

Glad you brought that up - the back of the iPod touch is indeed shocking. Like some cheap knock-off.
Personally, I don't give a hoot about the mock-up - just another way to create news rather than report it ***yawn***
Sadly, that is all (well, most of) that is happening these days...
And there's a domino effect because no site or media outlet can afford to not report the soothsayings of the bored when every Google hit is important.
I remember when Nokia announced the E71 - for the longest time the only accompanying photo was a leaked shot of a proto that looked like what would later become the E63. That photo became so associated with E71, that eventually when the E71 hit the store some retailers used it to advertise the E71...lol It took Vodafone Ireland, eg, 5 weeks to correct the blunder.
Rumours, eh ;)
But to play the game - I tend towards the "4GS” camp - a mildly boosted iPhone 4 with better cam and processor, and one antenna, at least, moved to the inside.


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