iPhone 5 will definitely run dual-core A5 processor

iPhone 5 will definitely run dual-core A5 processor

It hardly comes as the biggest surprise in the world, but developers sifting through the code in Apple's iOS 4.3 have unearthed confirmation that the iPhone 5 will indeed run the dual-core A5 processor powering the iPad 2.

With dual-core chips very much in vogue at the moment, there was little doubt that Apple would follow suit on the iPhone, but nonetheless it counts as a fairly major spec box ticked still months ahead of the fifth-gen handset's launch.

The revealing line of code in question is hidden within the kernel for a device named N94AP, which has already been positively identified as referring to the iPhone 5. It makes reference to a part named S5L8940, which – yes, you guessed it – is the A5 chip.

Credit for the detective work goes to iOS developer Filippo Bigarella, and he's posted a pic of the section of code in question just so we don't doubt he's telling the truth.

As we've said, though, in reality this doesn't really tell us much that we didn't already suspect, and it's more likely to be other areas of the iPhone 5, and not the processor, where the true test of its ability to take on its rivals will be decided.

We'll hopefully find out before too long – the smart money remains on a June unveiling at WWDC, though Apple – as always – is keeping mum for now.

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