iPhone 5 to sport aluminium rear

iPhone 5 to sport aluminium rearTaiwan’s Economic Daily News has let rip with a number of interesting iPhone 5 rumours. Of course, “interesting” is entirely subjective; it really depends how much you care about phones and junk.

First off, they claim that the iPhone 5 will mark a return to the glory days of the aluminium-backed iPhone. The current glass surface of the iPhone 4 has reportedly been a thorn in Apple’s backside, due to issues with scratching and durability.

And let’s not forget the elusive white iPhone 4. Its delay has been attributed to problems with the white paint, which seemingly doesn’t play well with the iPhone 4's glass ass.

Still on the subject of the iPhone 5's rear, the antenna will supposedly move behind the Apple logo. Needless to say, Apple will be keen to avoid Antennagate 2: I Don’t Have Any Signal On This New iPhone Either.

Our Taiwanese friends have also suggested that the iPhone 5 will adopt the same processor as the iPad 2, namely its custom dual-core 1GHz A5 chip.

And finally, they expect the iPhone 5 to be announced in June or July at WWDC. But that’s par for the Apple course, really.

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