iPhone 5 spotted? Release could be close

iPhone 5 spotted? Release could be closeWe all know the iPhone 5 is coming in September. Actually, we don't. We all think the iPhone 5 is coming in September. We all hope it's on its way. But as always, none of this is based on fact - just rumours, experts' analysis and a little bit of geeky wishful thinking.

Just before the launch of the iPhone 4, we were blessed with Apple's loss of one of its units in a bar giving us all a clear idea of what it was going to look like. And today, we have the next best thing - the iPhone 5 has been spotted in the wild.


In a sign of just how desperate we geeks are for information, we're pinning our hopes on this photo taken by a stalker tipster of Apple goodies and sent in to 9to5Mac. It doesn't actually show that much - but it's new, and therefore is enough to get us salivating.

The tipster's credibility and reliability appears to be based on the fact that they have owned a 3GS previously and currently own an iPhone 4 and are convinced the unit was nothing like either. Plus, the photo was taken in San Francisco and the user was, apparently, an Apple employeee.

Other things worth noting are that the tipster claims the lucky guardian of this device was trying to hide the Apple logo on the back. It's said that the device was thinner than the iPhone 4 (we drool at the thought of an iPhone as thin as the iPod touch!) and had a curved back like the older models which ties in with various whispers we've heard of lately.

They're all small bits of information but put together, they do make a fairly good case. Add to that that Apple will be wanting to test its new device outdoors and in public (albeit under stealth) prior to launch to check it holds up in the real world and San Francisco is the nearest major city, this very well could be the real deal.

Let's just hope someone gets drunk and leaves one in a bar soon!

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JohnnyUtah  Jul. 29, 2011 at 19:11

You muppets owe me dinner! Got so excited salivating over this grainy picture (when blown up) that I forgot what was cooking and burnt my spuds.

I cannot believe you would even entertain giving this space let alone a thread of it's own. Do you get paid for this 'cause I want your job.

geffers32  Jul. 29, 2011 at 20:27

lets hope the iphone 5 will re-introduce the ability to make/receive calls well, something the 3 had but the version 4 did'nt.......

moonmonkey  Jul. 30, 2011 at 09:25

yup what a load of balls...

alexatkin  Aug. 6, 2011 at 21:39

Why are people so obsessed with thin?

I had nothing but trouble with my iPod Touch slipping out of my fingers due to how thin and shiny it was. I much prefer thicker with bigger screen and bigger battery over thin any day.


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