iPhone 5 video leaked?

iPhone 5 video leaked?So, we've seen artists' mockups and heard more rumours about the new iPhone 5 than who the sleazy footballers were trying to silence the press recently.

But have we seen a video? Not on your life. Are we about to? Maybe just. Take a look at this over on YouTube which appears to show the not-even-officially-in-existance new Apple model. The screen definitely looks bigger as had been promised by leaks. Though you'll notice a few things here that point to this possibly being a fake.

Firstly, we've been led to believe that iPhone 5 will have a larger home button that can be used for gesture displays. You'll see in this video that the poster doesn't let you see that home button at any point. 99% of the video is spent with the thumb covering it and when it isn't, it's obscured.

Secondly, we've also been led to believe that the iPhone 5 will be a thinner design. Similar to the iPod Touch with that curved back. Here, you can see on the reflection that the iPhone on the video is the same (or very similar) in thickness and looks no different.

Thirdly, the dates on the lock screen and home screen don't match up. Considering Apple's dedication to the most minute detail, would they be allowing this to happen?

Our money is on this being an elaborate hoax with an iPhone 4 running iOS 5 BETA and some form of new housing that appears to give it a bigger screen. The quick panic at the end of the video as the poster appears to be almost caught also adds to the drama.

However, the other alternative is that it is a genuine leakage of the iPhone 4S which Greek site, DigitalLife reports will be the only iPhone related announcement on October 4th. As an "improved version" of the iPhone 4, that would explain the larger screen size combined with original thickness that we pointed out above. The site reckons the 4S will have a few tweaks like an 8MP camera with 1080p/30fps video recording abilities, a second antenna and, of course, that A5 chip.

Of course, the Apple summons earlier this week invited us to "talk iPhone" (notice the singular there and also the number '1' on the missed calls icon - perhaps a clue to the number of units it is unveiling?). So Cupertino may be planning on launching the 4S. Which would then give ample opportunity for Tim Cook (or Mr Jobs if he's back) to come back on stage with 'One More Thing' and introduce an iPhone 5. With so much speculation over recent months, we'd be surprised if the iPhone 5 doesn't exist at all as some quarters have suggested. And gutted.

Anyway, 9to5Mac reckons there are two units based on an anonymous tipster (called Mr X in case you're wondering - though obviously not his real name!). Mr X helpfully reveals that Apple's internal inventory is now showing two new iPhones and THREE new iPod touches.

We're genuinely perplexed as to what these two iPhones could be. Internally, they're being referred to as N90A. When you look at how the iPhone 4 is referred to as N90, it does lend credence to the notion that these are updates, not brand spanking new inventions. It could be something as similar as different memory sizes or colours.

Judging by the N81A codes given to what we assume are the new iPod Touches (which is normally referred to as N81), we could be in line for new colours (notably white), new sizes, or even a 3G enabled version of the Touch as some rumours have suggested (before you shout "That's an iPhone", think iPad 3G - ie. the ability to use the internet without phone functionality.)

We're getting flummoxed just writing this so maybe it's time to go off and take a cold shower. And not emerge until 6pm local time on, say, Tuesday!

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sicknote  Sep. 29, 2011 at 12:07


victie1  Sep. 29, 2011 at 12:11

Copied from GSM Arena

Update: All evidence leads to this video being an incredibly carefully staged fake. We noticed that when launching the two apps - Safari and the game - the guy never lifts his thumb off the icon and iOS doesn't work that way. The game level also starts without anyone touching the Touch To Start button. Then the dates on the lockscreen and on the homescreen don't match up. The guy also doesn't show the phone all around and even makes a point of hiding the home button the whole time. We bet the whole thing it's probably shot on video and then used much like that elaborate joke we did for April's Fools Day back in 2010

JonnyR  Sep. 29, 2011 at 12:38

Sensationalist nonsense... poor headline grabbing journalism


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