iPhone 5 will be a world phone

iPhone 5 will be a world phoneWow, it’s been a pretty quiet week as far as iPhone 5 rumours go. Indeed, I think this is the first article we’ve written about the iPhone 5 in several days. I won’t lie to you: this is probably of more interest to our American cousins, but hell – let’s scribble a few dozen words about it anyway.

The iPhone 5 will be – wait for it – a world phone, supporting both CDMA and GSM. You just wet your pants, didn’t you?

Not a huge deal for us in the UK, but big news for the Yanks. When choosing a new smartphone they have the option of Verizon and Sprint on the CDMA side of things, or GSM-based AT&T and T-Mobile. The former technology is a pain in the bum when travelling.

The iPhone 5 = world phone rumour was confirmed to TechCrunch by an anonymous developer, who provided app usage logs.

It’s largely believed that the iPhone 5 will be unveiled next month, though Apple is still being characteristically tight-lipped. It was recently suggested that the iPhone 5 release date might slip to October, with the unveiling taking place at the very tail end of September.

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Betas  Aug. 24, 2011 at 16:03

Good for the Yanks but will it be penta-band? I seriously do doubt that or it will be limited via software to prevent cheaper imports into the UK.
Oh and apple - you were beat on this one.

JohnnyUtah  Aug. 24, 2011 at 20:36

I understand that the picture is a mock up of how it could look but that is one sexy mutha! I'd buy it.

CTPAHHIK  Aug. 25, 2011 at 07:37

<- wonders if it will be compatible with T-Mobile in US


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