iPhone 5C in black? Nah, that was a fake

iPhone 5C in black? Nah, that was a fakeThe rumour mill is obsessed with colours at the moment (it’s what’s inside that counts, guys), and the budget iPhone/iPhone 5C is tipped to come in as many as five options.

However, there’s just one “tiny little problem” with the black iPhone 5C leaked earlier this week: it’s a fake.

That’s the story according to Sonny Dickson and team, who are in a position to “exclusively confirm” that there’s no black iPhone 5C, and indeed Apple never ever planned on such an option.

Amusingly, Sonny gets all preachy and warns: “Don’t believe everything you read”, especially when all you’ve got to go on are a few pictures from a Chinese social network. Sorry, Sonny.

If/when the iPhone 5C lands on September 10 alongside the iPhone 5S, it’ll supposedly come in green, yellow, white, blue and red. Or Sonny will eat his hat.

As for the iPhone 5S, it’s expected to break Apple’s plain old black-or-white flagship tradition with a gold/champagne option. Of course, the iPod touch fifth gen comes in six colours, namely black, grey, pink, red, blue and yellow.

Fans of colourful phones might also appreciate the rumoured pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 24, 2013 at 15:35

They are all fake


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