iPhone 5S digitiser and LCD screen assembly leaked

iPhone 5S digitiser and LCD screen assembly leakedFor better or worse, iOS 7 was detailed last week in California, with Apple introducing an array of new software features (check out my favourite seven here).

On the hardware side of things, we’re expecting the still-entirely-unofficial iPhone 5S to launch in autumn, and a fresh leak shows a phone – surprise, surprise – not entirely unlike the iPhone 5.

Tradition dictates that the iPhone 5S will be a modest upgrade of the existing iPhone 5, probably with a faster processor and enhanced camera.

The iPhone 4S looked pretty much identical to the iPhone 4, but leapt from 5MP to 8MP, while introducing Siri voice recognition to the world. The processor was also bumped up, from A4 to A5.

The leaked iPhone 5S assembly pics over on FanaticFone suggest we’re right to expect a largely familiar phone. The guys write: “we are sad to say that you’d better not expect too much improvement in the iPhone 5S screen compared to the iPhone 5”.

Notable (ahem) differences include the length of the flex cable (I always ask about the length of the flex cable when buying a new phone), and the size of a screw hole. Uhm…

The rumoured iPhone 5S feature of note is a – wait for it – fingerprint scanner. Just what the world’s been crying out for.

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JanSt / MOD  Jun. 20, 2013 at 13:10

This couldn't possibly be fake, right?!?! Right? Right?!


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