iPhone 5s production up, iPhone 5c orders down?

iPhone 5s production up, iPhone 5c orders down?There was initially some confusion over the breakdown of Apple’s recent nine million iPhone sales, with some suggesting that the iPhone 5s dominated, while others claimed it was a more even split with the iPhone 5c.

Fast-forward a couple of weeks and the consensus seems to be that the iPhone 5c isn’t doing too well, and again we’re hearing that production is being lowered (as was the case last week). At the same time, we’re told that iPhone 5s output is being ramped up.

Credit here goes to The Wall Street Journal, which in turn credits – you guessed it – anonymous “people familiar with the situation”.

They’re saying that Apple will - or has - cut Pegatron orders for the iPhone 5c by “less than 20%”, while Foxconn orders will be “cut by a third”. The former currently assembles two thirds of iPhone 5c units, with Foxconn covering the rest.

The iPhone 5c was originally tipped to materialise as a “budget iPhone”, but it’s only marginally less expensive than the iPhone 5s. Logic suggests that consumers would fork out a little extra for the full flagship experience.

In the same article, WSJ credits “two executives at Hon Hai” when it says Apple has raised fourth quarter orders for the flagship iPhone 5s.

At present, on Apple’s UK site, the iPhone 5c dispatches in 24 hours, while the estimated dispatch date for the iPhone 5s is 2-3 weeks.

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 16, 2013 at 15:23

Any advice, Bonce?
Apparently, the 5C will cost €599 on prepay in Ireland - I assume the 16GB version.
For €80 more you get the 5, for €100 more the 5S... Um, yeah.
But hey: Irish networks sell the Note 1 and Note 2 for the same price and the Lumia 920 costs €60 more than the Lumia 925! Go figure.


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