iPhone 5S specs to include 12MP rear camera with enhanced low light mode

iPhone 5S specs to include 12MP rear camera with enhanced low light modeIt’s widely accepted that the next iPhone will be the iPhone 5S (as opposed to an all-new iPhone 6), and – as such – tradition dictates that it’ll have a speedier processor and fancier camera.

That’s what we’re hearing again today; that the iPhone 5S will have a radically enhanced camera, specifically weighing in with 12MP.

The iPhone 3GS marked a leap to 3.15MP from the iPhone 3G’s 2MP rear camera, while the iPhone 4S jumped to 8MP from the iPhone 4’s 5MP.

Finally, the iPhone 5’s rear camera is 8MP, technically the same as the iPhone 4S, though it boasted a dynamic low light mode, precision lens alignment and sapphire crystal.

It comes as little surprise then that the iPhone 5S spec sheet is tipped to include a 12MP rear camera.

Credit goes to the fairly reputable Tinhte, who in turn credits a friend that works in “Wonderful Saigon Electrics - the Vietnamese branch of a Japanese company specializing in producing components for Apple”.

In particular, we’re told to expect improved night photography from the iPhone 5S, and supposedly “the user will not be disappointed with the upgrade”. Good stuff.

The iPhone 5S launch is still entirely up in the air. It’s looking like WWDC in June at the earliest, but a recent story suggested we might have to wait till Q3 on account of problems with fingerprint security.

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