iPhone 6: 4.7in display ‘confirmed’ by Foxconn mould?

iPhone 6: 4.7in display ‘confirmed’ by Foxconn mould?You all know the story by now, right? The iPhone 6 is widely tipped to arrive later this year in two sizes – both significantly larger than the 4in iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

One of those sizes is seemingly confirmed by way of a picture of an iPhone 6 mould, which supposedly originated from Apple’s Taiwanese manufacturing pal, Foxconn.

That’s the story over on Nowhereelse.fr (Google Translation), with the generally quite reliable Steve Hemmerstoffer at the helm. To Steve’s credit, he’s usually quite sceptical of leaks, and that’s very much the case here.

However, assuming the leak is accurate, and that the mould does indeed pertain to the upcoming iPhone 6, it seemingly confirms the notion of a 4.7in display.

Steve calculates that the mould measures 64mm wide and 138mm vertically, and allowing for a little bezel at the top and bottom of the iPhone 6, that’d leave the perfect amount of room for a 4.7in display – which just happens to be one of the sizes mentioned several thousand times over the past few months.

The larger iPhone 6 is tipped to come in at a whopping 5.5in, just 0.2in smaller than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Other rumoured iPhone 6 specs include an Apple A8 processor, array of sensors, 8MP rear camera, Touch ID fingerprint scanner and metal body, and the 64GB 5.5in model might just come with a sapphire crystal display.

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