iPhone 6: more evidence for 4.7in display

iPhone 6: more evidence for 4.7in displayRealistically, we’ve still probably a good five or six months till the official iPhone 6 release date, but the rumours and leaked pictures and whatnot are coming thick and indeed fast.

Earlier this week we got a peek at a purported iPhone 6 mould from Foxconn, supposedly confirming the notion of a 4.7in display, and a couple of new leaked images further back that notion.

The images in question surfaced mysteriously on Weibo (surprise, surprise), and were spotted by the good people of iPhon.fr. Mais oui.

Needless to say, there’s not a great deal of info (i.e. none at all) to go with the latest iPhone 6 picture leak, but the front panel on display is clearly a fair bit bigger than the iPhone 5s beside it.

Indeed, you could very nearly slot the iPhone 5s into the gap for the purported iPhone 6’s display, and a little bit of math suggests we’re looking at a diagonal measurement of - you guessed it - 4.7in.

Of course, a second model of the iPhone 6 is tipped to come with an even larger display, specifically 5.5in, though we’ve yet to see any components thereof just yet.

Other rumoured iPhone 6 specs include a faster Apple A8 processor, 8MP rear camera (it’s not all about the megapixel count, Jeeves), and possibly a sapphire crystal display.

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loofer  Apr. 20, 2014 at 15:31

my iPhone 6 wishlist... just in case Timmy boy is reading this
some more goodies with the camera such as OIS sand that depth sensor thingy-me-bob HTC ONE has
NFC but only if they partner up with loads of retailers and kick off mobile payments big time. Not just McDs and Coffee shops
OK 4.7" is a bigger screen but I don't want i to just be longer. Some width please. Girth is good :p
A bezel/side of iPhone that isn't easily prone to scratching and chipping

Oh and don't ask for more money than what you already ask for the 5s just because it's going to be bigger. You might get away with doing it for the 5.5 but not for 4.7 (actually you get away with anything)


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