iPhone 6 Plus or Google Nexus 6?

Which is the better big phone, the iPhone 6 Plus or Google Nexus 6?

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 29, 2014 at 10:43

Well, troll me :p

"Better"? Come on? If you do not like iOS and you already
paid a lot of money for Android apps, then the iPhone 6 Plus sucks, right?!?
If, like me, you find Android a bit messy, and you value a great camera, and you can live with
Apple's restrictions, then it's the other way around.
The rest is down to budget, personal preferences and taste. And those things are not related
to better or worse. They just are.
Having said that: do not fall for any comparison of RAM or processor power.
Different OSs and hardware. Pointless to compare certain elements out of context.
The iPhone 6 that I used was ridiculously fast. I have no reason to believe the 6 Plus is slower.
Best would be to point out what features you use most, or what features you currently miss.
And please, try before you buy.
I liked the iPhone 5S but I'm also used to bigger Android and WP devices. Yet, personally I
found the design of the iPhone 6 incredibly awkward. So much so that I wouldn't use it on a daily basis if I got one for free... Great, build, camera etc etc, but the design and my hands are new best enemies.


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