iPhone 6 multitasking

Not really a question ... just thinking out loud ;)

But if Apple is really working on a 5.7-inch iPhone 6, I hope they put a lot of work into the software side of things. I was really impressed with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3's multitasking features.

It'd be highly disappointing if the iPhone 6 is just a big iPhone. The first generation Samsung Galaxy Note will be three years old by then, so Apple needs to pull out all the stops I feel.

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JanSt / MOD  Jan. 25, 2014 at 20:41

Well, the iPads still can't have more than one window open, so I doubt they'll introduce it in a big iPhone (if there is indeed going to be one).
Odd, I know - the jailbreak tweak to run various apps in resizable windows has been around longer than the Galaxy Notes.
Having said that - sliding up to show all open apps is very fast and smooth, too.
It would be great to drag content from, say, a photo-album to an open app to upload it or to create a collage. Or drag text from the browser to the Notes app....
Again: I'm not convinced there'll be a big iPhone above 5 inches. And I doubt it'll have "multi-window" action.


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