iPhone 6 release date: September 2014! 5in display! 11 months to go!

iPhone 6 release date: September 2014! 5in display! 11 months to go!The dust has only just settled on the iPhone 5s release, so logic dictates that it’s time to start talking iPhone 6. For the next 11 months.

An early rumour proposes the iPhone 6 release date will fall (pun intended) in September 2014, with the display size weighing in at a significantly larger (than the current models) 5in.

Macotakara has been flicking through the pages of Mac Fan’s December issue, which of course features a timid looking Japanese girl on the front since the topic of conversation is all things Apple. Ahem.

An iPhone 6 release date of September 2014 isn’t overly far-fetched, and would in fact simply follow the trend set in recent years. Time was you’d see the new iPhone in summer, but since 2011 it’s been September/October.

As for an iPhone 6 display size of 5in, that’d simply follow the current industry trend for larger devices. The Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sony Xperia Z have 5in displays, while the HTC One is marginally smaller at 4.7in. The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, meanwhile, have 4in displays.

The 5in iPhone 6 display would of course be full 1080p HD, yielding a PPI of 440, significantly higher than the 300 cut-off proposed by former Apple CEO, the late Steve Jobs.

Mac Fan goes on to suggest that the iPhone 6 might be notably thin, with Apple marketing it as the “first one-hand operate-able phablet”.

Other rumoured iPhone 6 specs at this early stage include NFC (Near Field Communication), which would likely welcome some form of contactless payments, and possibly wireless charging – hopefully without the wires.

In any case, here’s to another 11 months of iPhone 6 rumours. Cheers!

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