iPhone 6 rumour mania: three colours, dead expensive, NFC support?

iPhone 6 rumour mania: three colours, dead expensive, NFC support?With the iPhone 6 launch date officially set for September 9, and the release likely following on September 19, you’d be forgiven for thinking that we were done talking about Team Tim and the California Cooks for the week. Not by a long shot, buddy.

Here I’m combining three rumour yarns into one action-packed story. Specifically, we’re told the iPhone 6 will come in three colours, be more expensive than the existing models, and support NFC (Near Field Communication) with the contactless payments and whatnot.

Starting with French site nowhereelse.fr, we’re seeing what are purportedly the SIM trays for the iPhone 6 – in silver, grey and gold. Those match up with the current iPhone 5s colours, dashing hopes of pink, red, blue, green, or indeed any other colour you care to mention.

Interestingly, even the relatively small SIM tray is noticeable curvaceous, giving credence to the notion of emphatically curved sides on the iPhone 6.

Meanwhile, Spanish site MovilZona credits sources inside Telefonica (O2's dad) when it says the iPhone 6 will be more expensive than the iPhone 5s, specifically 750 Euros (£595) for the 4.7in model, and 950 Euros (£755) for the 5.5in. Ouch.

Finally, a forum member on MacRumors points out a square location on the iPhone 6 logic board that doesn’t appear to correspond to anything on the iPhone 5s. NFC? Why the hell not. It’s been rumoured for years, and Apple Wallet or iWallet (or whatever you want to call it) is bound to appear eventually.

Again, that’s three colours for the iPhone 6, a lofty price tag, and a virtual wallet to spend what little money you have left over.

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JanSt / MOD  Aug. 29, 2014 at 16:02

Well, the price could be relative? If rumours of 128GB versions are right, maybe the €750 applies to the 32gb variant? It's ridiculous for Apple to hype HD and slomo video to then sell 8+16GB 'highend' devices... But alas, I guess I'm dreaming....


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