Is the iPhone 6 Plus worth the extra money?

Is it worth paying extra to get the iPhone 6 Plus? In terms of size I'd say the iPhone 6 is big enough for me, but not sure if the Plus is the better phone? Are the cameras the same?

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JanSt / MOD  Oct. 31, 2014 at 14:43

The iPhone 6 Plus has a noticeably better camera than all other iPhones - especially in low light, or when you want to catch those moving b*ggers... That is because the iPhone 6 Plus features OIS - Optical Image Stabilization. Other than that? Is it worth it? Only you can tell.

Frankly, I found the iPhone 6 very awkward in terms of design. I used bigger Android and WP devices that were more comfortable to use - even (to an extent) with one hand.
Were I to get an iPhone 6, I'd go for the Plus - there's no temptation to try one-handed use.
But again: The iPhone 6 has a very good camera - it should serve you well in most situations.


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