Am I Going Down? iPhone app predicts likelihood of plane crash

Am I Going Down? iPhone app predicts likelihood of plane crashThere’s an app for just about anything and everything you can think of, including High There – the dating app for stoners, but this one takes the proverbial biscuit.

Vanilla Pixel’s Am I Going Down predicts the likelihood of your flight crashing, but - to be fair - rather than being a tasteless exercise in morbidness, it’s actually intended to put your mind at ease.

Am I Going Down comes in at 79p, and while you might wonder why someone would want to download it – never mind pay for it, the app could be of genuine comfort to those with a fear of flying.

Enter your departure airport, destination airport, airline and aircraft, and Am I Going Down gives you a 1 in X chance of being in a plane crash.

However! With odds of, for example, 1 in 2,783,874, passengers might finally realise they should be infinitely more worried about dying in the taxi ride to the airport or getting hit by a bus while crossing the street to buy a pint of milk.

The app provides further reassurance when it reveals how many YEARS you’d have to take a flight EVERY DAY before it went down. In an example flight from San Francisco to London with American Airlines, you’re looking at a whopping 7,627 years. Yeah, probably not happening.

The developer stresses: “While ‘Am I Going Down’ is based on published flight and crash statistics to give an indication of flight safety, the app is intended for entertainment purposes only. The odds presented are an estimate of historical risk and not a prediction of future performance.”

And that’s Am I Going Down, current front-runner for Strangest App of 2015.

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Treab  Feb. 9, 2015 at 14:46

but if we take recent stats chances are its a higher risk...


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