iPhone low battery mode

Does the iPhone have a low battery mode that shuts down various features as your battery gets lower?

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JanSt / MOD  Dec. 4, 2014 at 14:05

No. But: there are workarounds in iOS that function as 'power saver mode'.
In Accessibility you can switch to black and white display. Doing that drastically reduces battery consumption. You can set a quicklaunch for b/w mode so when you hit the homebutton 3x the screen turns black and white.
Action Centre makes it easy to disable Bluetooth, WiFi and, crucially, to set screen brightness to minimum.

I'll be honest,I find that better than some automatic power saver mode.

To create the Black and White shortcut, go to Settings => Accessibility. There turn on Greyscale. Then scroll to the bottom of that page and set Accessibility Shortcut to "Greyscale". Done. Now, whenever you do stuff where the colour display isn't needed you can turn to b/w display by clicking the homebutton 3 times. It really helps save juice. It's also nice on the eyes at night in the dark.

PS: relatedly - if you need to charge your iPhone quickly (it charges fast anyways, but hey...) put it in airplane mode. It charges much much faster when the radio is turned off.


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