iPhone jailbreak now available for iOS 5

iPhone jailbreak now available for iOS 5The iPhone 4S goes on release today but the operating system that powers it, iOS 5, has already been jailbroken.

Earlier versions of the OS were cracked as it went through various BETA stages following its release in the summer. But this time, the release is done through Redsn0w which is the computer-friendly consumer app that takes all the pain out of jailbreak for mere luddites.

Unfortunately, the jailbreak won't actually work on the 4S but will work on iPhone 4 handsets which have updated to the newer OS. iPad 2 support is also not yet forthcoming.

It's a tethered jailbreak - which means that you'll have to plug your phone into the computer every time you power it on - and therefore, it  reduces freedom for the majority of users who'll not want to stray too far away from their homes. Well, unless you're rocking a 3GS, that is. On the older device, it works as an untethered break.

Still, it's good to know the iCat and iMouse game is still going strong. More details available from those nice chaps at the Dev-Team.

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Smiff  Oct. 14, 2011 at 12:41

a quick glance at that page is enough to give anyone a huge headache. it looks like Apple are giving hackers some real trouble (tethered only? baseband?). If freedom is important to you, don't buy apple products.

Stelph  Oct. 14, 2011 at 13:06

@Smiff - I agree, as fun as it is to jailbreak the iPhone personally I think iOS5 is now far enough along that its the first iOS that im considering just not bothering with the jailbreak, as mainly what I did it for was to improve the notification system which has now been fixed!

That being said, if someone works out how to add Siri to non iPhone 4s devices then id probably go for it since it does look like quite a useful feature, unfortunatly tho the iPhone dev team have already said they wont be working on it as it requires an illegal/low level hack that they would not do


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