iPhone 5 'not in final production stages'

iPhone 5 'not in final production stages'We're whacking out, what, one iPhone 5 story a day now between us here at Mobot Towers. Or at the very least, one every other day.

Which of course means only one thing: momentum is steadily building and the days are counting down as we move towards the unique spectacle that is an iPhone launch.

Ironically, we say that as though we know what we're talking about when - truth be told - we know just as much as you do about what Apple is planning on launching. Everything you hear from now until September/October (if that is the launch date) including even the existence of an iPhone 5 is pure heresay unless it comes from Apple's mouth.

But we're told that production of said device is now well underway and has almost reached the final stage. The final stage being the one that produces an iDevice which will go to market.

As BGR explains, Apple has various production cycles leading up tot his point. For example, it'll be produced so that the engineering of the whole thing can be tested to check all works as it should. Then, after that, we enter a design verification phase - where Apple checks its happy with how said iDevice looks and how the whole experience pans out.

BGR's source says claims that we are on the home stretch of production are a little bit premature and, in fact, Apple is still going through the engineering motions and final production has not yet begun. Which means a release next month (as has been mooted from several quarters) looks extremely unlikely.

What's more interesting is what's in those units being tested. Apparently, 1GB of RAM (twice as much as the iPhone 4S), NFC (which other reports suggested had been left out) and 4G - which is great for our American cousins but not much to write home about for us.

Stay tuned for more rumours.


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JanSt / MOD  Jul. 19, 2012 at 21:23

They also need to test IRL conditions the new nano-sims. From what I hear that is happening right now.

Pondlife  Jul. 19, 2012 at 22:34

so 30-60 of these non stories to go then


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