Is the iPod touch 5G just an iPhone 5 without the phone features?

Is the iPod touch 5G really just an iPhone 5 without calls and texts? If so, how come the iPhone 5 is so much more expensive! 64GB = £329 for iPod touch 5G or £699 for iPhone 5.

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JanSt / MOD  Sep. 25, 2012 at 13:31

Different processor, different cameras etc etc etc Not to mention the antenna tech providing phone capabilities are not just a few lines of code. It's hardware, It takes up space and a LOT of R&D. The price difference, of course, are up for debate. You can buy a very capable phone for the difference in cost. Is that justifiable? Entirely personal decision, I guess.
It's like the difference in cost between a 32GB iPhone and the 64GB version - compared to a 32GB micro-SD card it's outrageous.

Anyhoo - NO, the new iPod Touch is NOT 'just an iPhone 5 without the phone" - it's different.
But for many many purposes it may be absolutely sufficient and the better choice (for example if you have a phone that you are happy enough with.)


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