More iRumours: iPhone 5S in August, new iPads in April

More iRumours: iPhone 5S in August, new iPads in AprilApple appeared to be settling into a nice little routine with its product launches, bit it threw a spanner in the works last October when it announced the iPad mini and a revamped Retina iPad.

It’s anyone’s guess when Apple will announce its 2013 goodies, and the latest proposal is August for the iPhone 5S, and April for the new iPad(s).

That’s the story according to iMore, with credit going to “Sources familiar with the plans”.

It’s the same old iPhone 5S rumour, specifically that it’ll have the same basic design as the iPhone 5, with a slightly better camera and slightly faster processor. That’s par for Apple’s chuck-an-S-on-the-end course.

As for the iPhone 5S release date, August chimes with what we heard last week, courtesy of Barclays Capital analysts.

Meanwhile, an “April-ish launch” for the next iPad(s) is supposedly “getting serious consideration”.

The latest iPad traditionally appears around March, but Apple muddied the waters when it unveiled the iPad 4 last October. It’s more of an iPad 3.5 than a proper iPad 4, but it was enough of an upgrade to irk some iPad 3 owners who expected to remain on the cutting edge for a full year. Is it too soon for the fifth generation iPad? Hmm, maybe.

And not forgetting the iPad mini. It’s crying out for a Retina upgrade at some point, but we reckon that’ll come later in 2013. Heck, it’s reportedly selling pretty well at the moment anyway, so why upset the decorum?

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loofer  Mar. 6, 2013 at 20:15

IMO... I think they should only release a new 9.7 iPad if it's a significantly worthwhile new offering, not just an upgrade of tech and the odd feature here and there. Especially as 9.7 tabs are don't as well as the mini right now.

A Retina iPad mini would still sell well if they released it next month, but I suspect that due to earlier supply chain issues Apple don't feel they've sold enough and there's still scope out there to maintain current volumes sold.


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