why jailbreak an iphone 4?

is there any need to jailbreak and iphone 4 other than for those who have a technological interest?
I'm thinking that althought im an amateur its probably worth it for the ability to use flash and watch my favourite programs?
are there any other good reasons? can you get many paid apps for free when you've jailbroken or is that something different entirely?


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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 22, 2011 at 11:53

Lets start with why you shouldn't: jailbreaking the iPhone
gives you access to the OS's root - file systems that are vital for the phone to work, and file systems that allow apps access to all and everything. Jailbreaking the iPhone is like unhiding all your system folers on your Pc while sticking your admin password on the screen... well, there...
It also adds functionality: (limited) flash capability, independence from iTunes for file transfer and apps; homescreen personalisation; advanced settings features, handy shortcuts etc etc...A LOT of folks (the vast majority) seem happy with what Apple deem good. I couldn't do my job with a non-jailbreaked iPhone.
You seem considerate enough to understand the downsides and the need to be cautious...so, heck: do it. You'll never use out-of-the-box again...

tushingham  Feb. 24, 2011 at 16:36

thanks for the info.
It seems you have good reasons to jailbreak your iphone but have given good reasons not to as well. It seems most people are giving me reasons NOT to jailbreak it without many good (for me) reasons why i should.
My main reason would be to get good access to flash options and to get free alternatives to apps I would usually have to pay for. Im not hearing much love for either of these two as a reason to jailbreak!!



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