Jelly Bean and a physical keyboard?

Is there such a phone that has a physical keyboard and can get Jelly Bean?

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JanSt / MOD  Feb. 28, 2013 at 22:45

Not as far as I know - there's a JB-based CyanogenMod ROM for the HTC Desire Z - but, ahem, afaik WiFi, data and other things don't work...'

Pondlife  Feb. 28, 2013 at 23:25

Fairly trivial bits and bobs then. ;)

Vague rumour that Samsung might be working on one, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

JanSt / MOD  Mar. 1, 2013 at 06:38

Yeah, who needs WiFi or data on a phone? :D You still have widgets :p

Odd that there is not one high-end Android with a QWERTY!?!

Pondlife  Mar. 1, 2013 at 08:04

Well when Nokia can research the qwerty idea see lots want it, publicise the fact and then say there's no demand not much surprises me on qwerty phones.
Personally find them ugly and undesirable so not fussed, could be a niche that one of the other android manufacturers could see some sales in, but guess they know sales figures of their qwerty phones...

JanSt / MOD  Mar. 1, 2013 at 08:40

Well, I don't like the lanscape sliders. Rotate device blah blah blah... Pre 3 went the right direction - 3.5-inch screen, decent portrait QWERTY and still touch-friendly. Better hardware manufacturing expertise could have made it a much better phone - better camera, sturdier back etc... The Torch was way too chunky for what it delivered.

Anyhoo.... still find it odd. The Desire Z was popular enough, and the first Android device was a QWERTY. They can churn our dozens of identikit 4.3-inchers, but not one decent QWERTY phone? The Motorola Pro+ had a few things going for it; unfortunately, the keyboard wasn't one of them :p


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