Jobs comments on eerie iPhone tracking

Jobs comments on eerie iPhone trackingLast week we found out that the iPhone seemingly tracks users’ whereabouts without seeking permission, keeping a record of longitude and latitude, complete with timestamps. It’s like 1984. Except 27 years later. Or something.

A MacRumors reader now claims to have received a response from Steve Jobs about the tracking, having contacted him via email.

The MacRumours reader asked: “Could you please explain the necessity of the passive location-tracking tool embedded in my iPhone? It's kind of unnerving knowing that my exact location is being recorded at all times. Maybe you could shed some light on this for me before I switch to a Droid. They don't track me.”

Jobs replied: “Oh yes they do. We don't track anyone. The info circulating around is false. 

Sent from my iPhone”

Technically Jobs is right enough, as Apple doesn’t track anyone; the data is merely collected and stored on the iPhone. It’s suspected that the mention of false info refers to concerns that the data is secretly sent back to Apple.

It’s expected that the location tracking facility will be disabled in a future iOS update. Only users on iOS 4 or above are believed to be affected.

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moonmonkey  Apr. 26, 2011 at 11:47

android does store previous locations based on cell towers and wifi hotspots (only if you have location settings at on thou).
Android Location Cache Viewer app shows you where you've been on a map if you like...

JanSt / MOD  Apr. 26, 2011 at 12:57

In Michigan and other places of the USA traffic cops have asked innocent drivers to voluntarily let them check their cell phones. They can copy an entire 16Gb iPhone in 3 seconds... DOES IT MATTER if Jobs wants the data?

JanSt / MOD  Apr. 26, 2011 at 22:31

HA!!! Isn't THIS funny, eh?
Apple applied for a related patent in, oops, 2009. But nah... must be some glitch.


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