Joe Belfiore: we haven’t forgotten about Office for Windows Phone

Joe Belfiore: we haven’t forgotten about Office for Windows PhoneLast year saw the release (finally!) of Microsoft Office for iPad (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), while the touch-optimised Office for Android suite will roll out this year, having gone through early-access beta in 2014.

“But what about Microsoft Office for the world’s third most popular mobile operating system?!” two or three people in the corner cry. Don’t worry; Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about Windows Phone.

Oddly, Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group, made the announcement not on Twitter, or Facebook, or Microsoft’s official blog, but his Weibo account in China. Zuh?

Fortunately for us unilingual morons, Belfiore’s message was sent out in plain English. Phew.

“First… as we end our 2014, I want to acknowledge the comments and letter you all have sent, noting that you’ve been frustrated seeing Microsoft launch new applications like Office on iOS and Android, without accompanying news around what will happen on Windows Phone.

“I want to assure you that our Office team has not forgotten Windows Phone – we’re just aligning all of our news and announcements to a single event. You’ll hear much more about what we have planned before Chinese New Year.”

Chinese New Year is February 19 this year, so that gives credence to the idea of some sort of Windows Phone Office announcement at an analyst meeting on January 21 in Redmond.

If not then (or before), it’ll be shortly thereafter. Still with me? In any case, touch-friendly Microsoft Office for Windows Phone: coming soon.

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equ7  Jan. 3, 2015 at 09:32

I wonder if it a struggle with the Api's or the poor sales of WP that have delayed it. WP just seems to be going nowhere and even Microsoft seem to have given up on WP8 though I expect they will try a big push for WP10 at the end of this year


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