Jolla Sailfish hands-on action: take 2

Jolla Sailfish hands-on action: take 2Just over a month ago, we got a first glimpse of Jolla’s Sailfish, essentially a spanking new MeeGo-based OS that a handful of ex Nokia employees are busy working on.

The chaps at Engadget have been lucky enough to sit down with Team Jolla for a second, more in-depth (or at least longer) Sailfish preview thingy.

The latest hands-on basically builds on the stuff we saw before, so we’re seeing lots of Sailfish swiping and gesturing and what not.

For starters, Sailfish invites a downward swipe to unlock your device, while a second downward swipe brings up the application launcher.

Again, the battery and network status don’t take up space on the Sailfish screens, but they’re easily viewable with a quick swipe about half way into the screen.

I say “half way”; that’s important as a full swipe from right to left takes you back to the home screen, where running apps are viewable in little live tiles.

Something Jolla is keen to stress is that these Sailfish tiles are interactive, so you can, for example, pause music or skip to the next track without going back into the Music app.

There’s also an interesting Sailfish feature whereby slowly swiping downward brings up various options at the top of the screen. The further down you pull, the more options appear. Sailfish’s haptic and audio feedback should keep you right when you’re selecting stuff, with the theory being that you don't actually have to look at the options.

There’s still no word on when we’ll see the first Sailfish devices, only that they’ll appear “next year” at some point.

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