More juicy Mango features revealed

More juicy Mango features revealedChassit, a writer over on Windows Phone Sauce who can only be described as a madman based on this story, somehow “stumbled upon a dumped Mango ROM” recently, describing its raw form as “a million little folders and scattered files”.

He explains: “Without any means to flash it onto a device, I cracked it open, and carefully read through its entire user interface string files.” That’s dedication for you.

So what did Chassit find? Loads of stuff. Far too much to go into detail here, but here are some of the key features:

  • Battery saving mode – that one’ll sound familiar to Android users.
  • People Hub - deeper Facebook integration, Facebook check-in.
  • Email – linked inbox, threaded conversation, flag emails.
  • Messaging – send “nudges” to friends, multi-friend conversations.
  • Xbox Live – share your profile on Facebook, multiplayer gaming, shared message inbox with the Xbox 360, voice chat.
  • General – custom ringtones, 22 languages, multiple keyboard layouts.

To read about Chassit’s discoveries in significantly more depth, head over to Windows Phone Sauce.

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appdroid  Jun. 29, 2011 at 08:08

yawn. wait so a phone had an os on it and somebody was able to look at it wow.
and mango is going to allow custom ringtones?
yeeesss mango all the way. {sarcasm}


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