June 2014 in mobile: preview

June 2014 in mobile: previewLaunch of the LG G3 aside, it’s been pretty quiet of late in the world of mobile, with manufacturers generally focusing on actually releasing the stuff they debuted at Mobile World Congress. Y’know, back in February.

But it’s the calm before the proverbial storm, as a frankly silly amount of mobile-related stuff is happening in the month of June. And hey, some guy has only gone and compiled said stuff in a big… thing. Check it out below.

How shall we do this? Date order? Makes sense to me!

WWDC 2014 – June 2

Apple hasn’t done much of anything so far this year. Well, not publically, anyway, but behind the scenes, Tim Cook has been cracking the whip and pushing his minions hard, with a multitude of new products in the pipeline.

WWDC has become decidedly developer-centric over the past few years (hey, it is the Worldwide Developers Conference, after all), but while we’ll inevitably hear loads about iOS 8 and OS X 10.10, it has been suggested we’ll meet new hardware, too.

Until 2010, WWDC was the official launch pad for the latest iPhone. Might Tim Cook tease us with “One more thing” tonight?

Asus’ mysterious ‘Next Incredible Thing’ – June 2

To be completely honest, I’m well and truly baffled by “14:00pm (CST) / 2:00am (EST)”, so this thing might well be a reality by the time this feature sees the light of day, but reading between the lines, it seems that Asus’ “Next Incredible Thing” might well be an A4-sized tablet. That’d be 13.9in – a first for tablets (unless you want to count Sony’s Digital Paper).

June 2014 in mobile: previewHTC One M8 Ace launch – June 3

The HTC One M8 Ace has done a pretty terrible job at keeping a low profile over the past few weeks, with the rumoured June 3 launch event quickly being followed by an appearance over on the official HTC Taiwan site. As the old saying goes: why put off till the launch event what you can publish on your site five days beforehand?

HTC One M8 Ace specs will seemingly include a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, 13MP/5MP camera combo, 2GB of RAM, 16 or 32GB internal storage, and a 2,600mAh battery.

There’s still a question mark over the HTC One M8 Ace’s display, but consensus is it’ll be 5in 1080p, just like its slightly older brother.

The big talking point here (yes, there is a point) is the HTC One M8 Ace’s price, tipped to be less than £300. That’s thanks to its plastic body, which, incidentally, seemingly comes in white, black, blue and red.

Tons of Acer stuff @ Computex 2014 – June 3-4

You might’ve already noticed a subtle Taiwanese trend here, with the previous two entries detailing goodies from HTC and Asus.

Well, Taipei plays host to Computex 2014 this week, and joining its fellow Taiwanese manufacturers is good old Acer. Point your eyes at this press page for detail on no less than six new devices, comprised of four smartphones, one tablet, and the Acer Liquid Leap – the company’s first “wearable” device. They’ll all be on display in Taipei.

Oppo N1 mini launch - June 10

Yes, it's already been announced, but the proper Oppo N1 mini launch will detail the resolution on the 5in display (likely 720p or 1080p), and the processor, while we'll also get a proper glimpse at the not-so-mini handset in all its pastel glory. Check out these colours, man.

June 2014 in mobile: previewGoogle I/O 2014 – June 25-26

Skipping ahead to the end of the month, it’s the seventh annual Google I/O developer conference.

Google I/O 2013 emphatically failed to deliver any new hardware, but we’re getting our hopes up again this year, as it’s suggested Google I/O 2014 might welcome the Google Nexus 8 – possibly the last Nexus device before the brand is usurped by Android Silver.

We may or may not learn more about the next version of Android, though the jury is still out on whether we’re talking Android 4.5, or Android 5.0. If Google sticks with the chocolate bar corporate sponsorship thing, my money’s on Android Lion.

And not forgetting...?

Have I forgotten anything? Almost certainly! If so, hit us up with a comment below. Heck, if it's any good, I might even chuck it in above.

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