Juniper: tablet gaming revenue to top $3 billion by 2014

Juniper: tablet gaming revenue to top  billion by 2014Gaming revenue on tablets last year, 2011, was a decent $491 million. Not too shabby at all, man, but a report by Juniper Research’s Charlotte Miller suggests that figure is set to skyrocket.

Indeed, by 2014, Charlotte estimates tablet gaming revenue will reach a whopping $3.1 billion. Cripes.

While technically not incorrect, the press release makes for amusing reading. Something tells me Charlotte doesn’t spend a great deal of time playing tablet games.

For example, Lady Miller points to the “excellent graphics capabilities” of tablets, which allow users to “see more of a game's detail, giving the user an improved experience, particularly when playing more hard-core games.” Well, I do like to see a game’s detail, admittedly.

The report suggests that tablets are generally preferable for gaming, as – among other things – on-screen buttons are less obtrusive on larger screens.

As for the increased revenue, Charlotte suggests that us tablet owners (*flexes muscles*) have more disposable income (I wish!), which we’ll happily spend on games.

Of course, tablet games are often more expensive than their smartphone brethren too. Incidentally, Charlotte suggests that smartphone gaming revenue will halve over the next five years.

Here comes Charlotte herself to close us out: “The tablet is the perfect device for playing mobile games - the screens are large enough for the user to see the action, no matter how big their hands are.

“Tablet owners also tend to have a larger disposable income, as tablets are often bought outright rather than subsidised by operators. Higher user satisfaction with games and a bigger wallet mean that tablet games look to be highly lucrative.”

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