Kazaa: Back from the dead

Kazaa: Back from the deadWho says dying is forever? Not us. And that's because we have some great nostalgic news for freeloaders everywhere - Kazaa (the peer-to-peer file sharing service) is back.

You may remember it from its heyday of ten years or so ago. Kazaa picked up where Napster was forced to leave off and allowed people who wished to partake in illegal activity which we of course don't condone, to share music, videos and anything else without paying a bean.

It's now boasts of "millions and millions of songs" but there is a sting in the tail - just like when the reformed Napster appeared back on the scene, you'll have to pay for them this time around.

Because although Kazaa is being resurrected, it is now merely an iOS app that allows you to stream and store music in the same ways as other subscription services like Spotify.

In fact, although it has the name that will remind many of us of cheeky downloads, in reality, with a $10 per month subscription, there's very little to set it apart from the competition - and we can't quite see how they're going to make a success of it even with the enticing offer of a 7-day trial.

Especially when loyal users download it based on the name and then see that they have to pay to use it. Ouch.


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