Kazam: former HTC execs in UK-based startup

Kazam: former HTC execs in UK-based startupOne of the more interesting smartphone tales of late focuses on Finnish startup Jolla, comprised of ex Nokia peeps and launched with the aim of keeping the MeeGo dream alive.

On a similar note, we’re hearing that two former HTC guys have started their own smartphone thingy called Kazam, presumably named after the hit movie with Shaquille O'Neal.

In the blue pants, we have Michael Coombes, HTC’s former head of sales, now serving as Kazam’s CEO.

Wearing red, meet James Atkins, HTC’s former UK marketing head (man, I hated that HTC One X ad). He’ll serve as Kazam’s chief marketing chap.

The pair promise smartphones with "stunning design, robust hardware, and intuitive technology, underpinned with improved customer service”.

Focusing on Europe, and presumably adopting Android, Kazam will have its work cut out establishing itself in a field utterly dominated by Samsung. A recent report suggested that the South Koreans claimed almost 95% of Q1 2013 Android profit.

However, the guys - unsurprisingly - sound optimistic. Coombes purrs: "Kazam's dynamic structure and focus on local markets means we can react quickly to the ever-evolving and diverging needs of today's consumer.”

Atkins adds: "There is a real opportunity for a new mobile brand to disrupt the status quo. We are passionate about delivering a truly positive mobile experience that doesn't just stop once you've bought the phone."

Good luck to you, men.

via: CNET

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Stelph  Jun. 18, 2013 at 11:06

Good luck to them, reminds me of INQ who's phones I really loved back in the day as they were the first to think about trying to bring all your online presence onto one phobe, but seem to have died a death recently.

I assume they will either be in the serious budget end of he smartphone market in the UK or they will have to produce something extremely innovitate to stand out from the crowd (and I dont mean colouring the phone bright yellows and reds and the like)


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