Kazam throws LTE into the mix with Thunder 2 4.5L

Kazam throws LTE into the mix with Thunder 2 4.5LRemember Kazam? They’re the UK-based startup comprised of former HTC execs, and last year they announced a whopping six smartphones (a Thunder and five Troopers; two of those are on your left), each with dual-SIM capabilities and less-than-impressive specs.

They’ve unveiled a whole bunch of new stuff – on paper, at least, and I think I’ve now read the press release enough times to make sense of what’s going on. Maybe.

For starters, there’s the KAZAM Thunder2 range. Does Mobot like superscript? No, it does not. Whose bright idea was it to call the range Thunder squared? Sigh.

Anyway! The headline phone is the Thunder2 4.5L, which boasts LTE connectivity (a first for Kazam), a quad-core processor, and presumably a 4.5in display. There’ll also be a Thunder2 5.0, presumably without LTE.

They’ll be joined by a refreshed Trooper2 range, comprised of four different smartphones. The first generation of Troopers came in at 3.5in, 4in, 4.5in, 5in and 5.5in. Presumably we’ll see something similar from the Trooper2 guys.

Finally, in response to “market demand”, Kazam will unleash a range of “easy to use” feature phones under the Kazam Life banner. The Smart SOS feature will attempt to call five emergency numbers until it gets a hold of someone.

Oh, and how about the Kazam Life R5, an IP67-certified ruggedised feature phone.

Phew. Certainly not fans of “less is more”, eh? With regards to release dates, we're told: "specific announcements [will be] made to coincide with in-store availability." Lovely.

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