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We often see in android tablet threads that the platform has no "killer apps", so I put it to you good sirs; What makes a Killer App? What do we want to see on the tabs that would make them a worthwhile addition to our techie arsenals?

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JanSt / MOD  Jan. 9, 2012 at 20:10

1) It'd be exclusive to that tablet or range of tablets (like Garageband for iPad being exclusive to ipad/iphone - it's different to the mac version)

2) It would utilise the extra screen space rather than just blow up
a phone app. Example

I like how some iPad apps create the illusion of working with separate 'windows" - it's neat, the apps look less cluttered etc

3) It'd (obviously) integrate well with the Android OS. Android has a huge advantage over iOS as apps have access to most of the file system, can share with other apps etc etc (though, that last one is now possible in iOS, too, but it's still a bit convoluted imho)

4) The catch: it'd have to have mass-appeal. Apple's Garageband, though hugely successful, only really appeals to music fiends.
BBM and Skype are probably closer to a service that a lot of folks want).
The Samsung Galaxy Note and its S-Pen are on the right track to a "killer (-like) app", but the pen itself is fiddly, handwriting conversion is laggy, and it doesn't yet work system-wide. But on a powerful, larger tab screen with room to house a more ergonomically pleasing pen it'd be pretty cool.

5) It's all a bit moot, because hey, some folks may find great photo-viewing, browsing and video viewing are already a killer-app...

I don't think it is about ONE killer app, really (though I'd buy an iPad for GTA San Andreas - oops). iPads have superior apps for doctors, nurses, translators, researchers, photographers, catlovers, birdwatchers, lawyers etc etc etc... So, I suspect there is something fundamentally wrong with app development for Android. Price is an issue - which is odd, because studies show that iDevice owners, on average, have less dispsable income; they stick to their device longer etc etc... But how many £10 + apps sell in the Android Market?
SPB had to lower the price for SHELL 3D a couple of times, though it sold well for winmo and Symbian at a higher price. Jan Ole Suhr's Gravity for Twitter/FB/etc sells at €10 for Symbian. And it sells very well. I don't think you'd sell a single Twitter app for that price on Android.

Here's what I also suspect: Android users (not all, but many) like to tinker and move on when boredom sets in... why pay 10 bucks to really USE a great app, when you can fiddle with 20 free ones for a few minutes? Don't get me wrong - I share the trait, but I also like good usable, stylish purposeful apps, and they ARE rare for Android.

jaybear88  Jan. 9, 2012 at 21:00

Wow oO Wasn't expecting that kind of a reply! Cheers Jan! To be honest, Garageband is always the one that comes to mind for me and is one of the very few reasons I would consider an iPad. Initially, when people mention this "killer app" concept, I think of a universal impressive app but, in reality, it's actually alot of little niche ones, just as you mentioned in point 4. At this moment in time, I'm actually considering a new project so I'm really interested in anyones oppinions on a particular thing that android lacks (other than uniformity)

JanSt / MOD  Jan. 9, 2012 at 21:19

I think Android lacks a great email client. Sammy have done a lot to visually improve on the default email app, but it's still not great.

E.g., 6 years ago on winmo I was able to tell my phone which of my yahoo folders to sync and which to ignore. Even Android's Enhanced Email app doesn't offer that level of personalisation. And I know from a lot of comments here that quite a few folks think Android is (still) behind when it comes to a great email experience.

We now have Android 4, and I still use Enhanced Email (for Operamail, Mobot etc) and the Yahoo app for, well, Yahoo. Every time I try a new Android device, I setup email, see how clumsy the client is, and move on to delete my accounts...
A client that would combine the ease of account setup of Android's stock mail app with the personalisation of winmo 6.5 (as in HTC's HD2) and Symbian ^3 and the speed of BB plus the stylishness of iOS...hey, my money's going your way ;)

matt101101 / MOD  Jan. 9, 2012 at 21:36

I second that, I can't ever rely on my S2 for timely delivery of emails, it's bloody useless in that respect.

I'd be willing to pay a considerable amount to have a perfect email client on Android, I'm sure many other people would as well (remember to include a licence check to prevent piracy...insider tip ;)).

jaybear88  Jan. 10, 2012 at 08:58

Cheers for everything guys :) It's actually a dissertation that I'm thinking about and if I do go ahead with something along these lines (possibility but depending on if the uni will buy some VR glasses for me instead hehe) I fully intend on making it freeware anyways :) Really do appreciate the input!


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