I kinda like mobile games again (thanks, Turtle Fly)

I kinda like mobile games again (thanks, Turtle Fly)I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with mobile games. Occasionally I’m bowled over by the old-school charm (something largely lacking in big budget console games, but still evident on, say, the Xbox Live Arcade), but other times…

There’s no denying that mobile games are a mere time-filler, ideal for the bus or train, and working best in small doses. Touchscreen controls often feel like a bit of a compromise, and for every Angry Birds there are hundreds of duds. Even the good ‘uns are fairly forgettable.

It doesn’t really help that I often find myself reviewing utter tosh. Have you played Galaxy Defender? Racer Hunter? Four in a row – Deluxe? Don’t Wake Dad? No? I have. I’ve spent hours playing them and hours writing about them.

This week, however, I’m tending towards love (of mobile games, that is), having reviewed Backflip’s Shape Shift and the excellent Turtle Fly. And, er, Virtual Table Tennis Pro.

Shape Shift is far from Backflip’s best, but it’s still worth checking out. It got me thinking about the rest of Backflip’s catalogue and ultimately I wrote the developer a love letter in I love Backflip.

Turtle Fly was the real gem of a find, though. I managed to grab it for free recently, and randomly selected it for review from a handful of other games that remain unplayed on my iPod. Mobile gaming is a bit of a lottery, but with Turtle Fly I felt like I’d won a tenner.

To my shame, I almost ditched it when I came across the tutorial. The mechanics of the game appeared, in black and white, to be incredibly convoluted, but – on the contrary – they’re actually really simple.

Anyway, I won’t spend too much time bigging up Turtle Fly. I’ll post the review later this weekend, and hopefully convince you that it’s worth shelling out 69p for. “If turtle can fly, so does human!”

Ah well, back to the mobile gaming lottery next week. Inevitably I’ll find myself reviewing utter tosh once again, and this time next Saturday I’ll be writing “I kinda hate mobile games again (thanks, <insert terrible iOS game>)”.

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