Will someone else make the Kindle Fire 2?

Will someone else make the Kindle Fire 2?Despite having some decent hardware with iPad-trumping specs, the Android tablet market is in a pretty depressing state. With one notable exception, of course.

Literally millions of Amazon Kindle Fires were sold each week in December, and analysts are speculating about how the tablet scene might change subsequently in 2012. How does the HTC Kindle Fire sound?

Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps reckons it’s all about content. The online giant sells the Kindle Fire at a loss, but makes its moolah back with all sorts of Amazon goodness, such as Kindle books, mp3s and apps from the Amazon Android market.

Lady Rotman Epps told CNET: "Devices need to lead with content services or they're dead in the water. By next summer we'll have had several months of Amazon demonstrating that a successful consumer electronics product strategy has to lead with content services."

Nomura Securities’ Richard Windsor goes one further and suggests other manufacturers might grab the baton from Amazon. Being slightly cynical, Rich reckons the first Amazon Kindle Fire may have been a cheeky demonstration in order to “seed the market”.

Rich says: "I'm not convinced Amazon's going to stay in the hardware business very long. Look at their business model--they are selling this thing at cost in order to make money on content. So if you can get someone else to make the tablet for you and sell it with your user experience on it, what do you care?"

Meanwhile, rumours are heating up that we might finally see the Amazon Kindle Fire in the UK within a matter of weeks. Bonus.

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