Kingdom Conquest II diary: Right, seriously, what’s going on?

Kingdom Conquest II diary: Right, seriously, what’s going on?Around a month ago I penned Kindgom Conquest II diary: Light at the end of the tunnel, saying that things were slowly falling into place after initially being very, very confused.

Fast-forward to the present day, and I’m none the wiser. Seriously. We’re reaching Fallout 3, Skyrim and GTA IV levels of play, but I’m still not entirely sure what’s going on.

That’s partly because progress has slowed quite significantly of late, and I suspect Kingdom Conquest II, having already consumed dozens of hours of my time, wants me to give a little back in the form of coin.

For example, upgrading some buildings can take in excess of 10 hours, and prerequisites play a big part. Maybe your castle (or citadel, as it is now) has to level up to 5 before you can build some sort of orb. Well sir, you’re in for a long wait. Unless you top up your precious CP reserves with GBP.

Of course, not being hugely enamoured with the freemium model (giving games away for free and relying on in-app purchases), I’m holding out for as long as possible. Patience is a virtue, after all.

Incidentally, to give you some behind-the-scenes juice, Sega Japan lured me in six weeks ago by offering press fundage (to blast through the game with in-app purchases, essentially), only to retract the offer once I was firmly in Kindgom Conquest II’s evil clutches. Pretty funny.

Kingdom Conquest II diary: Right, seriously, what’s going on?

Another problem is that I’m stuck on one of the quests. There are generally 10 of them on the left at any one time, and one in particular has me baffled: I’m supposed to ask for support from my Alliance friends to attack ruins, but I don’t know how; is it a manual thing?

I regularly receive boosts for crystal productivity, but it seems to happen automatically. Unless those guys are somehow manually giving me help. I dunno.

I did try to look it up at one point, but, er, got distracted by something else; the volume of Kingdom Conquest II literature out there is incredible.

Indeed, I’m still being introduced to different gameplay elements, including new buildings in my town. Actually, that’s one area where there’s significant visible progress; it’s positively thriving.

But what’s the ultimate goal, Kindgom Conquest II? There have been little hints about attacking rival kingdoms with catapults, and I’ve erected a watchtower to analyse attacking armies. Things are potentially heating up. Or are they?

Hilariously, the surrounding kingdoms appear to have stalled after a few hours' play, which is both a blessing and a curse; I can progress at my own pace without fear of invasion, but the whole thing feels a tad flaccid (that’s what she said).

Anyway! I’ll soldier on. At this rate, I’ll be happy to have my Kindgom Conquest II review up before Christmas. Wish me luck!

Kingdom Conquest II is available now as a free download from both the App Store and Google Play.

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