Kingdom Conquest II preview (aka: Notes from a very confused man)

Kingdom Conquest II preview (aka: Notes from a very confused man)Let’s face it; most smartphone games are pretty straightforward in the grand scheme of things. There’s an abundance of endless runners, a ton of physics-based puzzlers, and a healthy handful of first-person shooters. Simple.

But lurking on the App Store (and indeed Google Play) is something called Kingdom Conquest II from Sega. It has completely and relentlessly destroyed my brain.

What is Kingdom Conquest II? Uhm, I’m not entirely sure. Sega says it “blends the best elements of card battling, real time strategy, MMORPGs, and 3D dungeon battles”. That sounds about right. Maybe.

A friend asked if it was “Sega’s version of Guardian Cross”. Well, sort of. Except infinitely more complicated.

In Guardian Cross, you have the hunts where you catch guardians/cards, the Coliseum where you battle rival humans for prizes, and the story. That’s pretty much it, and on the whole it’s deceptively simple.

As for Kingdom Conquest II, I really wouldn’t know where to begin. There’s your town, with a frankly silly amount of things to build; the world map, though I have no idea what’s going on there; your monster collection, which is used to form decks; and the dungeons, where you compete alongside other players to battle baddies.

Actually, that seems to be it in a nutshell, but it’s the inner nut that confounds; the submenus are utterly baffling. There’s a stupid amount of stuff going on, particularly when it comes to modifying your monster army.

For example, just for a laugh, let’s tap Unit to bring up my card collection. At the top right we have Max Cost Up. Zuh? Tapping that, I now have Draw Packs, Buy CP, Collection and Pack Log - not to mention confusing blurb including: "Extends duration of the +5 cost limit increase for all bases". Your guess is as good as mine.

Several hours in, I’d say Kingdom Conquest II is nigh on impenetrable, but it must make sense on some level. It must.

But just when I think I understand what’s going on, I’ll get a message such as: “Cryptids and Beasts! Featuring the Cryptids and Beasts Pack where 1 of the 3 cards is an R or higher! Draw the pack to get 1 R Cryptid Orb or R Beast Orb! Also, draw 5 times for more bonuses! You can get an extra SR Orb!” That’s a genuine message. Good lord.

To be fair, I think I’m still going through some sort of tutorial phase, with tasks popping up on the left, and I am enjoying it on some perverse level.

Give me a few dozen more hours and I’ll get back to you with a full review. Assuming my brain doesn’t explode first.

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