The Kyocera Echo – the world's first dual-touchscreen smartphone

The Kyocera Echo – the world's first dual-touchscreen smartphone

Now that pretty much every smartphone on the planet has a touchscreen, those restless phone makers are having to work twice as hard to make their finger-friendly creations stand out from the masses.

Maybe that's what led Kyocera to double up on the touch panel goodness with the newly announced Echo, proudly billed as “the world's first dual-touchscreen smartphone”.

That's probably less of a mouthful than the name Kyocera Echo, but fair play to our Japanese chums – the Echo certainly looks the business, even if it does remind us a little of a confused Nintendo DS in some shots.

The Android-powered Echo can be used in candybar form, which conceals the bottom screen under the top, or you can flip it into landscape mode and slide the top half upwards to give you two almost seamlessly interlinking displays featuring a wafer-thin bezel.

The combined result is a 4.7in viewing area, with each display separately coming in at 3.5in across. They can be used independently to run different apps or tasks, or in tandem for one larger screen surface. A custom YouTube app, for instance, lets you drag a clip to play full-screen on one of the screens while leaving you the other to continue browsing for more.

There's plenty of gaming potential too, though developers may be shy to get on board while the Echo's footsteps are still echoing around the barren dual-screen mobile landscape.

But looking at how well Kyocera seems to have executed the concept, we'd be happy to raid our Mobot piggy bank to wager that it won't stay that way for long.

For now the Kyocera Echo has been lined up for the US only, where it'll be available on the Sprint network. But we're expecting plenty of interest in seeing it make its way to this side of the Atlantic.

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Stelph  Feb. 9, 2011 at 09:43

Finally! Ive been talking about this concept for years, although the version I had imagined had a flexible touchscreen (like the ones that were being shown off back in 2007) and a standard screem/keypad on the "front" so you had the best of both worlds with fast and easy texting and dialing when using it as a "phone", and when folded out a large touchscreen interface for web browsing

I bet its cost will be astronomical tho

JanSt / MOD  Feb. 9, 2011 at 11:44

$200 on Sprint with a 24 months contract.
Price and moe details =>


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