Leaked HTC One M8 Ace press shots show phone in red, blue, black, silver

Leaked HTC One M8 Ace press shots show phone in red, blue, black, silverHTC has only just released the One M8, but there are two fairly big HTC-flavoured deals on the horizon, one of those being the super-specced One M8 Prime.

The other is the wallet-friendly, plastic-coated HTC One M8 Ace, and a handful of leaked press images show the phone in an array of colours.

We’re looking at a relatively new twitter account by the name of @UpLeaks, which has tweeted just nine times in total, the first batch pertaining to the Japanese Samsung Galaxy S5 (the SCL23).

As such, we’re recommending abundant saltiness for lunch, but what we’re seeing, supposedly, is a series of leaked HTC One M8 Ace press shots.

The story so far suggests the One M8 Ace will eschew the aluminium typically found on high-end HTC phones in favour of cheaper plastic, the upshot being that the phone could cost less than £300.

According to the press shot leaks, HTC One M8 Ace colours will include silver, black, blue and red. The HTC One M8’s Dual Lens rear camera is clearly absent, but we doubt too many tears will be shed over that particular amendment. The M8 Ace, incidentally, is tipped to come with a more orthodox 8MP or 13MP rear camera.

Martin was saying a couple of days ago that the HTC One M8 Ace could launch as soon as June 3 in China, just six days from now.

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