Say hello to Motorola's Intel Medfield-powered ICS superstar

Say hello to Motorola's Intel Medfield-powered ICS superstarGoogle's purchase of Motorola is now official. So what better way to mark it than with a major announcement of a new high-end smartphone?

This one's certainly caught our attention. Not only is it running Android Ice Cream Sandwich but we've also been told that it'll be the very first Intel Medfield powered device too.

There are no official specs other than that but looking at the press shot, it's pretty slim. Maybe not RAZR territory but not far off. Made of metal, it certainly looks the part and puts us in mind of the old Motorola Q which sadly never made its way this side of the Atlantic.

Obviously, there are no buttons for navigation since it runs the button-free Ice Cream Sandwich though there are some bizarre pin/screw-type-things and buttons for what looks like camera and power. Speaking of the camera, although we've no idea how many pixels it'll give us, the word is it will be a pretty advanced model.

PocketNow reckons the screen is about 4.3in which we'll happily go along with... at least until there is an official announcement. Stand by for more details to emerge at or hopefully even before Mobile World Congress.

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