Is it ok to leave a phone on at all times?

Should a phone be switched off periodically or is it fine to leave it switched on all the time?

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JanSt / MOD  Nov. 4, 2014 at 11:58

There are different schools of thoughts/belief regarding the necessity or advantages of rebooting smartphones regularly (once a day or once per week etc)....

I know a handful of people who are very experienced where it comes to fixing phones, 'cooking' ROMs etc - they all say: yes, it's not a bad thing to reboot once per day - or, at least once a week. Now, it varies from hardware to hardware and from OS to OS.
The following does not apply to all OSs or phone models and/or networks:

- Certain file/system checks are performed periodically by the OS and some of those background tests only happen during boot.

- a proper reboot resets the RAM - "gives it a break". There are engineers who say regular reboots prolong the RAM's longevity.

- some networks send, now and again, tiny 'updates' to your phones. Updates that aren't vital, but may improve overall function. Usually, those updates only work properly when the phone is rebooted.

Now, I know from experience that some people will 'prove' none of that is true anymore; that modern smartphones are not like old Windows PCs etc...

The FUNNY thing is though: when people experience sluggishness of the UI or a certain app, or a freeze, or when, after a software update something is not quite right: VERY often a reboot
will solve the issue. Nobody from the "reboots are useless" school of thought will say, "I'm no sissy! I don't reboot just coz me GalaxY freezes up! No, SIR!"... Right!??? So, IF reboots can
'fix' freezes, sudden lag or lag that gets worse, etc etc... Then who can argue they don't 'fix' or correct issues before they get bad?

I reboot once a day. I'm old enough to have used some of the 1st WinMo smartphones, old BBs etc... YOU had to reboot now and again. It was normal.
And anyways. I am not in charge of nuclear codes. I do not have my phone on at night or when I do things that are more important than cold calls and tweets.

I think a lot of "I do not reboot, it's bad (yes, some claim reboots are BAD)" talk stems from the beginnings of smartphone mania... When Symbian was still okay, when Android and iOS were new and cool ... Those days, freezes and force closes happened all the time. And some people
decided that a long running time without having to reboot is a sign of cool. Of techie kudos.
You could see threads on every phone related forum where people bragged about how long they didn't reboot.

Again: I have never ever heard: "my phone was fine for a year, but then I started to experiment with that reboot crack, and now I notice lag and force closes". Nope.
But every time someone experiences serious issues with their smartphones the 1st or 2nd suggestion that people agree on is: "have you tried a reboot?" - and boy, often a reboot is all that was needed.


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