Lenovo aiming for 60+ smartphones in 2014

Lenovo aiming for 60+ smartphones in 2014They say less is more, unless “they” is Samsung, in which case more is more, and anything less is, er, less… more?

Chinese manufacturer Lenovo appears to like the cut of Samsung’s jib, and taking a page out of the How to Become the World’s Number One Mobile Manufacturer handbook, ultimately aims to release over 60 – SIX ZERO – smartphones in 2014.

That’s the word according to DigiTimes, though it credits China-based it.sohu.com as opposed to their usual “sources from the upstream supply chain”. In turn, it.sohu.com credits the company’s VP.

Just to give that figure some context, we’re talking about more than one new Lenovo smartphone launched PER WEEK, on average. Astounding.

According to IDC, Lenovo was the world’s number five smartphone manufacturer for 2013, rising to fourth place when looking at 4Q13 in isolation.

Oddly, however, Lenovo smartphones are somewhat of a rarity over here, and indeed of the 80 million phones the Chinese manufacturer aims to sell in 2014, 60 million of those are earmarked for the company’s home turf.

Recent Lenovo smartphone launches include the S860, S850 and S660, famed (ahem) for having a huge battery, glass rear and metal body respectively. As for the other 57…

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