Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 is a wallet-friendly, er, warrior

Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 is a wallet-friendly, er, warriorOn these shores, Lenovo hasn’t made much of an impact smartphone-wise, and is perhaps best known as the Chinese manufacturer what done swooped in and bought Motorola from Google earlier this year.

To be honest, that’s unlikely to change with this new chap, but it’s worth mentioning for its name alone. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Lenovo Golden Warrior S8.

The Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 is easily contender for Best Smartphone Name of All Time, but don’t get the wrong idea, man.

While the name perhaps conjures images of a sword-wielding, musclebound barbarian, the Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 is more of a malnourished peon with a rickety wooden sword.

On the surface, we’re looking at a golden handset with a nice big 5.3in display, and the notion of 13MP/5MP cameras might further serve to get one’s hopes up.

Alas, further Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 specs include a 720p resolution, while the restrictive MediaTek MT6592 processor means we’re rocking not KitKat but Jelly Bean Android 4.2.2.

To be fair, Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 price is tipped to come in at just $130 (roughly £78), so it’s not entirely terrible - all things considered.

No word on a UK release for the Lenovo Golden Warrior S8 (it's still entirely unofficial, incidentally - even in China), but don’t get your hopes up.

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