Lenovo LePhone K2 revealed, sounds alright

Lenovo LePhone K2 revealed, sounds alrightIt’s not often that Chinese manufacturer Lenovo features in our hallowed news pages, but recently it popped up with the 5in IdeaTab (is it a smartphone? Is it a tablet?) and there are rumours of some sort of quad-core tablet before the end of the year.

Now Engadget is dishing the dirt on the Lenovo LePhone K2, and it actually sounds fairly decentish.

It’s all about the specs, natch, and the Lenovo LePhone K2 will reportedly rock a 4.3in IPS display (no word on the resolution just yet), and a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm MSM8260 processor.

Other Lenovo LePhone K2 specs include 1GB RAM, and an 8MP shooter with 1080p video capture.

In OS city, Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) will take the reins as governor. As for a potential update to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), well, that’s anyone’s guess at this early stage.

In the meantime, head over to Engadget to check out a hands-on video from China. Needless to say I had no idea what the heck the guy was saying - my Mandarin's a little rusty.

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