Lenovo targets tablet first-timers with budget A-Series refresh

Lenovo targets tablet first-timers with budget A-Series refreshDon't fancy the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 4? Then Lenovo might have a tablet alternative for you: its newly refreshed A-Series.

It comes in the same choice of screen size – 10.1in, 8in and 7in – but a more differentiated range of features from one model to the next, including an entry-level 7-incher that comes in under the magical £100 mark.

OK, at £99 the Lenovo Tab A7-30 is only just under £100, but it's still a fair bit less than the cheapest Galaxy Tab 4 will likely cost you.

But how does it stack up when it comes to specs, we hear you ask? Well, in truth we don't know yet, as Lenovo's press release doesn't divulge the specifics, talking only of a “brilliant 7in display” and “powerful quad-core processor”.

Lenovo does go on a fair bit about the A7-30's audio prowess, though, though the only details we're given are that it'll feature Dolby-enhanced dual front speakers.

For £99 it's probably wise not to expect anything too special, but what you can expect is a SIM card slot, as apparently it's fitted as standard.

The A7-30 is by no means the only Lenovo Tab 7-incher on offer. There's also the A7-50, which sports a “wide-view HD display” and dual cameras, and an A7-40 in the middle, which ditches the rear camera.

If you're looking for a real step-up on features, you're probably better going for the £139 Lenovo Tab A8, which features a larger 8in HD display and apparently gives you “total entertainment on the go” (who writes this stuff?).

In layman's terms you're talking Dolby audio support and... er, well that's all we're told, although there will be a range of “bold colour options” to choose from.

And then there's the Lenovo Tab A10 with its 10.1in display, and – surprise, surprise – quad-core processor, Dolby audio and wide HD display. You'll have to fork out £169 for the privilege, which is a fairly decent price for a full-size tablet, though we won't know just how detailed until Lenovo details its credentials with more than just flowery adjectives.

All the new Lenovo Tabs are set to touch down before the end of Q2.

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