Lenovo on the verge of buying BlackBerry?

Lenovo on the verge of buying BlackBerry?It’s been a tumultuous time for BlackBerry of late, to say the least. In fact, I’m not even gonna try and sum it all up in a single opening paragraph; I’ll detail recent goings on below.

The headline here, however, is that Chinese manufacturer Lenovo is again tipped to be on the verge of snapping up the Canadian OEM, with BlackBerry’s shares up 3% as a result.

In Mobot’s relatively short history, we’ve seen BlackBerry founders Jim “Silly” Balsillie and Mike “Lizard Man” Lazaridis succeeded by Thorsten Heins, who was in turn overthrown by John S Chen.

This time last year, there was abundant talk of BlackBerry being bought over, and indeed the Canadians were quite aggressively trying to woo buyers like some sort of smartphone-making peacock.

Countless names were linked to the potential BlackBery buyout, including Google, Samsung, Facebook and Lenovo.

Ultimately, however, that all came to nothing, as did the 4.7 billion Fairfax lifeline, and, eh, I’m not entirely sure what happened after that. Convertible notes sold to investors? Something like that, yeah.

Anyway! The Lenovo BlackBerry buyout chat is back, though we’re still not entirely sure how - or if - it’d all work logistically. There are understandable concerns about a Chinese manufacturer acquiring BlackBerry’s enterprise network, and the whole thing would require government approval.

Of course, Lenovo already acquired Motorola from Google, and by the sounds of things, it’s looking to expand its portfolio further still.

As reported by Reuters, things could happen as early as this week. Stay tooned.

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krogothnx  Oct. 22, 2014 at 09:48

moto x 2015 with new moto-maker slide-out blackberry-esque keyboard option please

my body is ready


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