Let’s talk LG G3 model numbers: LG D850, D851, VS985

Let’s talk LG G3 model numbers: LG D850, D851, VS985Sod’s law. I’ve just spent ages rambling on about the upcoming LG G3 in Coming soon: five imminent Android flagships, and here I’ve got some new, er, news.

As such, I won’t bore you with the entire story until now; instead, let’s focus on this new info pertaining to LG G3 model numbers.

Right, this is all very confusing. Essentially the LG G3 has been leaked in recent weeks as the LG-D851, while the LG-VS985 is tipped to be the Verizon variant of the same phone.

For some bizarre reason, we’re also – according to GSMArena – shoving those two model numbers under the B2 banner. Why? I… don’t know.

On the subject of B categories, know also that the rumoured LG G Pro 2 Lite is going under the name B1 Lite, with model number LG-D631, and LG-VS880 for the Verizon variant.

Earlier today, @evleaks shared a user agent profile for an unknown LG handset with model number LG-D850, with a 1440 x 2560 Quad HD resolution. As the trusted leakster says: “Sounds like a G3 to me...”

Don’t worry if those model numbers are confusing the heck out of you. All you need to remember is that the LG G3 is coming in May or June, with a 2K HD display. Easy.

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