LG D820: the Google Nexus 5?

LG D820: the Google Nexus 5?What with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Sony Xperia Z1 landing this week, and the iPhone 5S launching this coming Tuesday, one of the last great secrets in the mobile industry - for this year, at least - is the inevitable Google Nexus 5.

Earlier in the week, Google “accidentally” outed what appears to be the Nexus 5 in a promotional video for the unveiling of the Android Kit Kat statue, and it appears to tie up with a cheeky little something passing through the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

Thanks to typically lengthy FCC documentation, we’re looking at the LG D820, which seemingly rocks a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, 4.96in display, and a heck of a lot of LTE bands.

There’s also mention of “KyeLimePie”, which – ignoring the typo – appears to indicate the latest version of Android, now of course known as Kit Kat instead of Key Lime Pie. Incidentally, it’ll carry Android 4.4 numbering.

Tying everything up with the aforementioned video, some pictures of the LG D820’s rear shell appear to match the rear shell of the mysterious Nexus device at the Kit Kat thing.

In conclusion, it appears that the LG D820 is probably maybe almost certainly possibly a prime candidate for Google Nexus 5. The end.

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